Healing Childhood Trauma with your Akashic Record

Childhood abuse, whether inflicted by a parental figure or through emotional bullying by peers, leaves indelible imprints on one's self-image and self-worth. Its impact often manifests in survival patterns of fear, anger, or self-sabotage, creating a pervasive lack of safety and trust. Addressing these issues is crucial because unchecked negative patterns may lead to chronic conditions and physical illness, emphasizing the interconnectedness of energy, mental, emotional, and physical well-being.

The Lasting Effects of Childhood Abuse:

Abuse endured during childhood is processed and remembered through the lens of the age at which it occurred. Understanding that individuals - even parents - operate from their own karma and negative patterns is challenging for anyone, let alone a child. Recognizing that how someone treats you is a reflection of their own healing journey - and not your inherent worthiness - is a vital step in breaking free from trauma.

Unlocking the Akashic Record for Healing:

Complementing traditional healing methods such as counseling and therapy, accessing your Akashic Record can be a powerful tool in healing from child abuse. Your Akashic Record stores every choice made across lifetimes, offering a complete view of your soul's journey. This perspective facilitates understanding the root causes of negative patterns including generational abuse, karmic projections, soul agreements for empowerment, and the revelation of karmic attachments and limiting beliefs.

Shifting Blame and Cultivating Self-Awareness:

It's imperative to recognize that the blame for childhood abuse lies with the perpetrator and not the child. Acknowledging that there is nothing inherently wrong with the survivor and that they did not deserve the abuse is a fundamental aspect of the healing journey. These realizations form the basis of self-awareness, paving the way for transformative growth.

Building upon Critical Concepts:

As you embark on the healing process, integrating these critical concepts into your awareness becomes paramount. Your Akashic Record not only unveils the origin of negative patterns but also provides personalized insights into healing modalities aligned with your soul's essence. This includes specific practices and exercises tailored to your unique being, encouraging you to venture beyond your comfort zone. By doing so, you can reframe your narrative, foster trust in yourself and transition from survival mode to a state of thriving.

Written by Patty Oliver, Energy Healer, Author, Spiritual Advisor

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