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Manifest the life of your dreams!

through conscious creation and energy healing

Patty uses her 13 years of energy healing experience in the Akashic Records to clear your karmic patterns and leverage your soul blueprint to help you create the flow of abundance you deserve!  Book a private session with her now...
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Patty is featured on Sovereign Magazine's February cover and Top 23
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Speaking Your Truth

Meet Patty

Energy Healer, Author, Spiritual Advisor

You were born to create a life of abundance, using your soul gifts and to manifest joy on your terms!  This means that yes, you absolutely can have the life of your dreams, and it's never too late to start.   Unfortunately, many of us have forgotten that we can create anything we want.  You might feel stuck, overwhelmed, fearful and filled with self-doubt. Maybe you've fallen into people-pleasing or were guilted into following a path that others think you should.  This leaves us in a kind of paralysis...a feeling like we simply can never have what we want, which is the exact opposite of what your existence on earth is all about!  I will help you rediscover your soul power, and teach you how to manifest abundance using deep-healing modalities like Akashic Records, Reiki and Channeling your Spirit Guides to give you clear, objective insight directly from Source. 


Here's what you can achieve through my healing sessions:

Ease anxiety

and self-doubt

No matter what is happening in your life, you'll learn ways to always find your heart center to feel safe, confident and grounded.

Build Healthy Relationships

Rediscover self-love and self-worth, in order to maintain strong boundaries, building relationships that support your personal power.

Open your flow of abundance

When your energy field is balanced and your vibration is high, you can create states of health, wealth and happiness at any time!

Manifest the life of your dreams

Leverage universal law to create

any new circumstance you want,

anytime you want.

Sat on the Rocks

"Journey back to your spirit, your TRUE nature, for that is where the magic is." - Patty Oliver

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Working with Patty has given me clarity; I have a tremendous sense of purpose now, along with a feeling of living in a flow I wasn't able to create before.  I have a deep sense of knowing myself and how my soul goes about manifesting.

- Jessica Lynne Witty
Country music star

Jeanette Papso photo_edited.jpg

Before working with Patty, I felt stuck, overwhelmed and powerless.  I struggled for years with self-doubt  I also had many relationship challenges.  Patty was able to help me clear all of this within a year.  She's helped me tremendously!

- Jeanette Papso
Therapist and Healer

Pia Williads photo_edited.jpg

Patty is spot on. Simply just spot on. I have felt her clearings on many levels.  It´s now much easier for me to stand strong in myself. To communicate with confidence and take action on whatever feels like my next step in life. I feel more safe, secure, healthy and connected.

- Pia Willads

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