Holistic Energy Healing With

Patty Oliver

Through Akashic Records, DNA Activation and Sacred Geometry

Transform Your Life Through

Your Akashic Record!

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Akashic Record Readings

Live Your Highest Potential!

Learn your Soul’s Divine Design for abundance:  the gifts and attributes you were blessed with, the lessons your soul planned for itself and the purpose set forth by your Higher Self for this lifetime. Hear detailed past lives and the choices you made that are still playing out today as karma, and be cleared of it in order to create the life you truly want with joy and abundance!

Akashic Readings and Akashic Esoteric Healing

Personal Akashic Readings

Several levels of Readings for your soul growth and evolution, including: the Personal Reading, Next-Step Readings about Relationships or working with your Spirit Guides, Property Reading and Your Soul Manifesting Blueprint.

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Business Akashic Readings

Your Business is an energetic extension of you! If it's not thriving, this Reading will reveal areas of your business that are out of alignment from your financial intentions, and actions you can take to correct them!

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Akashic Esoteric Healing

I apply deep-healing modalities within your Akashic Record, such as DNA activation & clearing, Arcturian Light Frequencies, Sacred Geometry and Reiki to clear karmic blocks.  Hear channeled messages from your Guides, Archangels and Ascended Masters.

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“The unexamined life is not worth living.”  Socrates 469 BC.  Today, it is more relevant than ever to know who we have been in past lives in order to understand who we may become in this present life.  Accessing past lives, talents, accomplishments and issues in our Akashic Record can hasten our reason for being, and create a guided trajectory for happiness in this lifetime.  It can also give parents a profound way to guide and direct their children.  Patty Oliver has honed her intuitive faculties to provide extremely accurate past life sessions, helping clients create a life of deep fulfillment, success and happiness.

Ken Iwamura, International Spiritual Healer