Property Akashic Record Reading

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Properties - both residential and commercial - can benefit tremendously from energy clearing!  They can harbor energetic openings called Portalways and Gateways which can be extremely disruptive, making it difficult to sleep, concentrate or manifest abundance; it will also make it difficult – if not impossible - to sell your property. The land may be upholding energies not in harmony with a home or business such as sacred ground or burial ground, or you may have entities or Earthbound Spirits attached. During a Reading, I will identify these types of negative blocks and land designations and clear them. I do NOT need to be physically present to read and clear property, as I can access the Akashic Record of your property from anywhere in the world.

Property Readings are now conducted by email only unless you add it to a Personal or Next-Step Akashic Record Reading (options available when booking). If you would like your results by email, click "Property Reading by Email" below and include the following details in the Notes to Business section:  the property address, if it is a home or business, if you are the renter or owner and a brief description of the problems or issues you are dealing with on the property.

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