Personal Akashic Record Reading

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This the first Reading you should start with, because it will detail exactly who you are at soul level!  I will tell you the energies your soul was created with so you can use them in your life and in your work to create your flow of abundance.  You will learn your soul group of origin and the characteristics you bring with you into your life today.  Your higher purpose and life lessons will be revealed, allowing for deep understanding of why you are here, why you are experiencing certain circumstances in your life and the path you should take to bring you the most fulfillment. Past lives will be detailed where karma was created that is keeping you on the wheel of reincarnation, and still playing out today as problems and challenges you can't seem to overcome. I then clear your subtle body of that karma and conduct Esoteric Healing, allowing you to make new choices and dramatically transform and improve your life!  You can then move on to Next-Step Readings that will continue to clear karma from you as your Spirit Guides feel you can assimilate; each clearing will raise your vibration, bring clarity to your purpose, allow you to speak your truth and make choices that bring you joy, happiness and abundance.  Session is conducted live and recorded over Zoom.

 Who can have a reading: 

  • Yourself, as an adult age 18 or over
  • Your dependent children age 12 weeks to 17 years
  • Adults who are under your direct supervision (such as aging parents)
  • A loved one who has transitioned in the death experience at least one month or longer

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