Next-Step Akashic Record Reading

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This is the ideal follow-up Reading to the Personal Akashic Record Reading, and can be conducted as often as needed. Clearing work is done in "layers" under the watchful eye of your Spirit Guides. The Personal Reading provided the big outer layer of clearing; now it's time to dig deeper into specific issues such as money problems, family drama, relationship issues, emotional blocks, health problems, career challenges and much more. You may have more past-life contracts, genetic karma, ancestral vows, unconscious negative patterns and beliefs or shadow archetypes that can now safely be cleared, all of which will cause you to attract similar negative circumstances until released. Your Guides may have messages for you and reveal root-cause past-lives that are contributing to your present-life challenges. All clearings are supported by Akashic Esoteric Healing. Presented by recorded session via Zoom, up to 90 minutes depending on the complexity of the Reading and time to answer questions.

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