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Did you know that your Business also has an Akashic Record?  If your business isn't thriving, this Review will identify one or more areas of your business that are out of alignment energetically, such as Marketing, Sales, Products and Services, Contributors and Business Systems.  I will then create a chakra matrix for your business that will ground and anchor it to the Earth plane.  This will act as a clearing for your business to enhance manifesting at the physical level.

Based on results of the Review, you could then choose to dive deeper with an Energetic Analysis by Business Area (up to 3 areas per reading) to learn what specific changes you can make in your business to find the customers you want, improve your bottom line and create financial abundance!

Scheduling options: Click "Schedule Appointment" if you would like to schedule a session on my calendar by phone or Skype.  If you would like your results sooner by email, click "Business Akashic Review by Email."   In either case, I will send you an intake form to complete once I receive the appointment/order.

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