Akashic Esoteric Healing

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I work directly with your Spirit Guides, who give me permission to understand certain aspects of your Akashic Record that are in need of healing.  They tell me what I can release in your Record, and select the most appropriate methods to heal your subtle energy, which may include one or more of the following: ​​

1)  DNA Healing & Activations - The bulk of your DNA is far from the "junk" that most scientists deem it.  Rather, it is quantum in nature, and is the key to many ancient abilities we had and then lost access to.  Resetting your DNA to its original blueprint, activating additional strands, infusing energy or releasing chromosomal programs can bring profound changes to your energy field and "awaken" senses that have been dormant for hundreds of lifetimes. ​

2)  Sacred Geometry - The universe "speaks" in numbers, frequencies, vibrations and geometric patterns.  It will then send you a vibrational match for the geometry you are holding.  I am able to see the geometric patterns of your light body; certain shapes, numbers and patterns carry a negative emotional charge and will cause you to attract negative circumstances.  With the help of your Spirit Guides, I can change your Geometry to attract an energetic flow of abundance.

3)  Esoteric Patterns - similar to Sacred Geometry, certain patterns of light may be placed on your subtle body during a distance healing session to merge your spiritual and physical experiences, making it easier to release karmic patterns, fears and limiting beliefs and to assist with manifesting at the physical level. ​

4)  Arcturian Light Frequencies - I call upon Arcturus and Archangel Raphael to apply direct healing frequencies within your subtle and physical bodies to create the healing that is needed for your highest good. ​

5)  Chakra Clearing and Activations - There are many chakras of the body beyond the familiar 7 that many of us recognize.  You may be ready to activate additional chakras to support your soul growth and evolution. ​I can also apply Sacred Geometry to balance the spin of your chakras and maximize the flow of vital force energy through each chakra.

6)  Ascended Masters and Archangels - bringing in Archangels and Ascended Masters during a healing session can help provide much needed energetic support, to clear karmic ties and to draw on their healing energy for your soul growth.  They may also have messages for you, which I will channel.

7) Reiki Energy Healing – As a Reiki Master, I act as a conduit for healing energies to balance your subtle body, along with symbols and patterns which direct those energies to your auras and chakras. ​

8)  Collapsing Timelines - any time we take new action, we open a timeline in our energy field for it to play out.  Sometimes we may flow so much energy to a timeline (past life or present life) in the form of thought forms and emotions that it becomes a distraction to creating what it is we want in the here and now.  I will collapse outdated timelines that are no longer serving your soul growth.

How the healing session is conducted:  

By Phone or Skype:I will conduct the healing session 30 minutes prior to your scheduled time.  We will then connect by phone or Skype to discuss my findings and the methods I used during your healing session.

By email:  You may also schedule a session and request email results, if you don't want to wait for a specific date and time to talk to me.  I will email send you a summary of your session, including what I was able to release and the techniques I used for your healing.

Who will benefit from Esoteric Healing?

This is ideal for those clients – both children and adults - whose soul is not yet open to a full Reading & Clearing of its Akashic Record (I will tell you if you fall into this category at the time you book!) Often, after a series of Esoteric Healing sessions, the soul agrees to be cleared of its karma through a full reading & clearing. I use these techniques to support ALL Readings & Clearings as indicated by your Spirit Guides. I will share which techniques I used and why during your Reading. Excellent for those who want additional energy healing between Readings, or anytime!

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