Soul Realignment® Level 2

If you’re ready to expand your knowledge of the Soul and take your Soul Realignment® practice to a new level of detail and expertise, then the Advanced Practitioner Training is definitely for you!

Especially if you're shifting into this work professionally, Level 2 is essential so that you can work with your clients in an ONGOING way!

This level of training will teach you how to help your clients not just know - but actually live - their divinity!


After all, we want to serve our clients at the highest possible level.  And, let's face it...we give them a ton of information in the Level 1 Certification reading!  But so many clients need to be reminded how to APPLY this information to their actions, in their every day lives.

Level 2 is designed to expand your Akashic Records "tool box" and teach you more reading protocols that you can use to not only tailor your readings to your client's current situation, but to also work with people in an ongoing way:

  • Expand on your existing Soul Profile information to give your clients even more self-knowledge.
  • Learn to tailor your reading to the specific situation your client is experiencing.
  • Discover how to give your clients information about their relationships with their partners, children, or family members.
  • Learn how to discern client life lessons.
  • Give your client a detailed and practical Spirit Guide reading.
  • Help your client receive "coaching" from their Spirit Guide team through you!
  • Work with clients in an ongoing way so that you can build a solid practice that allows you to make a great income!                                                                                                                                                        

Are you ready to help your clients move deeper into the expression of their divinity?

The Level 2 course includes the following:

☑  Eight comprehensive video lessons full of new skills you can add to your existing readings taught by Andrrea Hess, creator of the program, and facilitated by me, Patty Oliver Licensed Facilitator.
☑ Downloadable audio-only versions of the video lessons, so that you can take your course content with you on the go.
☑ Downloadable PDF files of the course notes.
☑ Reading sheets and client "homework" assignments that you can give to your clients post-session.
☑ A dedicated Facebook Group where you can get your questions answered anytime.
☑ Direct access to me as your Licensed Soul Realignment® Facilitator for the first 6 months to email me questions or to arrange up to two 30-minute private sessions with me for private support (these are up to you to schedule or not, and no refund will be given if you choose not to use them for any reason).   

Soul Realignment® Level 2 Curriculum:

Lessons 1 & 2: Expanding The Soul Profile

In this lesson we'll start by expanding the Soul Profile to include Soul Specializations, primary life lesson and level of Higher Self connection. We will also discuss how to transition clients from our basic Soul Profile reading into working with us in a more ongoing way, so that we're not constantly having to find new clients, but can more fully maximize the results of the people we're already working with! If you're going to make a sustainable income via this modality, you need to know how to move forward with the client beyond an initial reading. You will learn more about the "business" of building a full-time Soul Realignment practice.


Lessons 3 & 4: The Life Situation Reading

You'll learn how to structure this reading based on your client's current situation, how to get to the energetic root of their current experiences.  We will also discuss additional blocks and restrictions that may be affecting the client such as chakra imbalances, imprints, illusions, and more.  We will also discuss how to address future outcomes with the client (without venturing into fortune-teller territory!!)


Lesson 5: The Life Lessons Reading

This is a great reading for people who are truly invested in allowing their Souls the experience that they desire in this lifetime, in order to resolve ongoing karmic influences.  You will learn how to structure this reading, discover the various "lessons" the Soul has chosen for itself, and how they are showing up in the client's experience.


Lesson 6: The Relationship Reading

One of THE biggest reasons clients seek us out is because of issues within their relationships ... so it's important that we understand how to address relationships from the perspective of the Akashic Records. You will learn how to uncover the relationship between two Souls, their karmic relationship, as well as what lessons they’ve chosen to experience with each other.  This reading is not necessarily focused on romantic relationships, although that is certainly a valid application.  However, this reading can be done for parents and children, family members, business partners … all the relationships that deeply impact us on our path.


Lesson 7: The Spirit Guide Profile Reading

In this reading, we now go into great detail on how our Guide teams are structured, and who exactly is on our Guide team!  You will learn a great deal more about how Spirit Guides interact with us and how they serve us in everyday life.  You will also learn how to begin channeling Spirit Guide teams so that you can relay detailed messages to your clients from their Guides.


Lesson 8: Spirit Guide Coaching

Discover how to coach your clients via their Spirit Guide teams!  This is probably THE most helpful ongoing work that we can do with our clients, and can serve them with whatever they are working on in their lives.  As a Practitioner, this way of working with clients is invaluable, since you can work with clients for much longer time frames and structure "programs" that you can up-sell clients into from a basic Soul Profile reading and clearing.


Guaranteed or your Money Back!
Because you've taken our Level One program, you have experienced the practicality as well as depth of Akashic Record work via our modality. I'm assuming that you are serious and committed to your ongoing studies. Nevertheless, should you decide after you register and view the first two lessons of the Level Two program that you do not want to continue, please contact me within 5 days of purchase and I'll happily refund you. Beyond this point, no refunds will be given.

Soul Realignment® Level 2 Investment:  $1,595.00  Click Here to Purchase