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The Akashic Records: Your Roadmap to Abundance

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Learning to leverage your Akashic Record is the single most powerful source of information for learning who you are at soul level. My FREE Facebook Live Webinar The Akashic Records: Your Roadmap to Abundance on August 11 will teach you to cut the people-pleasing, get the naysayers out of your life, and be brave enough to live the life of your dreams! I will also be sharing with you a limited-time promotion on my course Soul Realignment® Certification, and providing more information about the content that will take your Akashic Record to the next level.

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Patty Oliver

Register for my Facebook Live Webinar The Akashic Records: Your Roadmap to Abundance, and you'll learn about the karmic patterns keeping you in states of lack and unhappiness, including family issues, money challenges, health problems, personal frustrations, and more - and understand how to clear them energetically so that you can create life on your terms with joy and abundance.

Through having her Akashic Record read and learning how to leverage it, Sue H. from Ohio's life has changed to one of growth and abundance:

“Thank you again for the insightful reading of my Akashic Record - it truly changed my life! It explained so much about why I am the way I am and gave me a great understanding of how I relate to people. I feel like I was stuck, and now I am hopeful and looking forward to growing and learning more. I find that I think about what I learn from you each day and take the time to adjust my thinking and interaction with others.”

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