Akashic Esoteric Healing

Working closely with your spirit guides, I apply deep-healing modalities within your Akashic Record to create a profound clearing and restructuring of your energy field, giving you an opportunity to dramatically change your life by releasing negative energies keeping you in karmic patterns of lack.  Modalities include DNA activation and clearing, Sacred Geometry, Esoteric Light Patterns, Timeline Shifting, Arcturian Light Frequencies, Reiki and Channeling of Archangels and Ascended Masters.


Patty Oliver

“I assist clients around the world to live their highest potential, and I can do the same for you!  I release you from past-life karma that is keeping you in negative patterns with in-depth readings and clearings of your Akashic Record.  I also apply deep-healing modalities such as DNA activation and Sacred Geometry to shift your frequency and raise your vibration in order to attract abundance."


Every Person Has an Akashic Record.

Your Akashic Record is like an energetic “database” or “library” that exists at the 5th Dimension. It holds every choice that your Soul has ever made from its moment of origination from Divine Source, because you are always creating your reality through your free-will choices. It’s the negative choices – or those choices that didn’t serve your Soul growth - that created karma.

The laws of karma state that the consequence of a choice will persist until a new, positive choice is made. Therefore, you will continue to reincarnate with the perfect set of circumstances for you to balance your karma! Now, through your Akashic Record, you can choose to be released from that karma in order to create the life you truly want, instead of constantly spinning in states of unhappiness and lack.

An Akashic Record Reading will detail past lives when karma was created, and reveal your Soul gifts, life lessons and higher purpose your Soul planned for itself in this lifetime.  It is the key to fully understanding why you are here, why you are experiencing certain circumstances and relationships, and how to overcome them to create your abundance!


No more settling or pleasing others!

a decade of energy healing

With Many More to Come!

Akashic Readings and Akashic Esoteric Healings

Personal Akashic Readings

Several levels of Readings for your soul growth and evolution, including: the Personal Reading, Next-Step Readings about Relationships or working with your Spirit Guides, Property Reading and Your Soul Manifesting Blueprint.

Business Akashic Readings

Your Business is an energetic extension of you! If it's not thriving, this Reading will reveal areas of your business that are out of alignment from your financial intentions, and actions you can take to correct them!

Akashic Esoteric Healings

I apply deep-healing modalities within your Akashic Record, such as DNA activation & clearing, Arcturian Light Frequencies, Sacred Geometry and Reiki to clear karmic blocks.  Hear channeled messages from your Guides, Archangels and Ascended Masters.s.

"My goal is to help you live your highest potential!
I use soul-level healing techniques that clear karma, shift your subtle-body energies and transform your spirit."

Patty Oliver, Akashic Records Master Practitioner, Intuitive Energy Healer

Client Experiences

Thank you again for the insightful reading of my Akashic Record - it truly changed my life! It explained so much about why I am the way I am and gave me a great understanding of how I relate to people. I feel like I was stuck, and now I am hopeful and looking forward to growing and learning more. I find that I think about what I learn from you each day and take the time to adjust my thinking and interaction with others. Your patience, compassion and understand made this a wonderful experience. Thank you for sharing your gift with the world.

Sue H. | Ohio

I was looking for answers about complexity in my life. I am astonished at the inner work that is going forward thanks to Patty Oliver. I feel that I will be living a full life with much happiness and a feeling of trust and safety and security. So much is happening that I feel completely blessed. Many issues I have struggled with are dissolving and I will continue to grow and work towards my goals in this life to insure progression for my soul.

Katherine H. | Oregon