Soul Manifesting Blueprint Reading

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Having trouble reaching that goal?  It's time to start that business, lose that weight or find that soulmate - and this Reading will tell you how to do it! I will access your 7th-Dimensional Soul Manifesting Blueprint and identify several specific parameters for achieving success that are unique to you and how you were designed from Source.  Together, we will outline a plan to help reach your goal. Manifesting is a "holistic" process; you may have areas of your life that are totally out of balance, creating overall manifesting blocks and this Reading will identify those areas. You must have a specific goal in mind and be ready to take action in order to maximize this process. The price includes 3 sessions:  the first 60-minute session followed by two 30-minute follow-up consulting sessions to discuss and adjust your plan as you progress.  A Personal Akashic Record Reading is required first, along with as many Next-Step Akashic Readings needed to get you clear as possible from karma before you begin the manifesting process.

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