Property Akashic Record Reading

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Properties - both residential and commercial - can benefit tremendously from energy clearing!  They can harbor energetic openings called Portalways and Gateways which can be extremely disruptive, making it difficult to sleep, concentrate or manifest abundance; it will also make it difficult – if not impossible - to sell your property. The land may be upholding energies not in harmony with a home or business such as sacred ground or burial ground, or you may have entities or Earthbound Spirits attached. During a Reading, I will identify these types of negative blocks and land designations and clear them. I do NOT need to be physically present to read and clear property, as I can access the Akashic Record of your property from anywhere in the world.

Scheduling options: Click "Schedule Appointment" if you would like to schedule a separate Property Reading session on my calendar by phone or Skype (note that there are options under the Personal and Next-Step Readings to easily add a Property Reading). If you would like your results sooner by email, click "Property Reading by Email" and include the following details in the Notes to Business section:  the property address, if it is a home or business and if you are the renter or owner.

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