Speak Your Truth! Strengthening Communication Through Your Throat Chakra

The Throat Chakra is our communication center, both for outward expression (what we say to others) as well as inward expression (what we tell ourselves). Those with a strong Throat Chakra are excellent communicators not only with words but might also be amazing artists, writers or singers. The ability to be a good listener and to understand others is also rooted in the Throat Chakra. Called Vishudda in Sanskrit, this is the first of the higher chakras (along with the Third Eye and Crown chakras) related to our spirituality and differentiates us from all other life forms on Earth by giving us the power of the spoken word. To honor this chakra is to harness and express our inner truth with clarity and integrity. We each have our own unique inner truth that resonates to who we are and what we stand for. If our Throat Chakra is open and strong, we feel free to express our inner truth to the world in a healthy way without fear of judgement. If we were silenced or shamed as a child, we become disconnected to our inner truth and afraid to express our true feelings, creating communication issues with others or becoming our own worst critic by telling ourselves we are not worthy.

Sometimes an imbalanced Throat Chakra is carried over from a past life, which will be revealed during an in-depth Akashic Record Reading. The client may have agreed to a binding situation or created a contract with someone, and then took a Vow of Silence to never speak of it, or a Vow of Obedience to always please someone who is a perceived authority. This will carry over into future lifetimes of communication problems such as feeling unheard, an inability to express themselves the way they want, or excessive talking without listening to others. Or they may constantly tell themselves they aren't good enough, sending out a lower vibration that attracts those who don't respect them and treat them well.

Here are several ways that you can help balance your Fifth Chakra:

  • Do exercises that open your throat: tilt your head back and take in several deep, slow breaths in and out. Envision your throat chakra opening.
  • Sing, chant, hum - anything to exercise the throat will rejuvenate it energetically.
  • Create soothing sounds around you, such as wind chimes, a water fountain, or a sound machine that plays sounds of the ocean or nature.
  • Use your inner truth as a guiding force in your life; be willing to speak from the heart and to express yourself for who you truly are and who you want to be.
  • Be true to your feelings, affirm your worth and speak with honesty and integrity. Do not participate in gossip or disrespectful negativity.
  • Listen to others and strive to understand them, then respond appropriately.
  • Wear blue clothing, the color of the Throat chakra; tie a pretty blue scarf around your neck.
  • Eat blue foods, such as blueberries or blue potatoes
  • Wear turquoise or aquamarine necklaces near the throat, or keep them as crystals near you. Blue Lace Agate is also excellent for the Throat Chakra.
  • Say healing affirmations, such as: "I listen to myself and trust my inner voice", "Communicating my feelings is important to me and valued by others", "I communicate my truth and live my truth", "Everyone listens to me and I listen to them", "I speak with honesty and integrity."

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