Life Lessons and Karma: The Handbook You Wish You Were Given At Birth!

We have all asked the question "why am I here?" Life just seems like one big mystery! We're born....we live...we die. There MUST be more than this!! The answer to that is a definite YES. You are here for your soul growth and evolution. There are no mistakes, and you are exactly where you should be. You've come into this physical plane with everything you need to succeed and create your abundance, and you do so by clearing karma and participating in Life Lessons that your Soul wanted to experience while incarnated. With an in-depth Reading of your Akashic Record, you will hear and fully understand the Life Lessons your Soul chose, and karmic patterns will be revealed and cleared. This is amazing knowledge to have! That's why I titled this post: "The handbook you wish you were given at birth!" If you were clued in from the beginning - well, you might have made different choices along the way.

What's an Akashic Record you ask? I've written extensively about this on my website, so you can jump over there to read it if you like. A quick recap: every soul has an Akashic Record, which holds the energy of every choice your soul has made since it's moment of creation from Source. While incarnated, you can make a choice that serves your higher good, or not. The latter type of choice creates karma, which you must come back and repeat again and again until you make a choice that serves your soul growth.

Along with balancing karma, your Higher Self created a game plan for you in this lifetime, and it consists of several Life Lessons for your soul to experience. This means that you are experiencing things in your life either because they are karmic, or your soul chose to experience it OR a little bit of both! Understanding all of this will shed incredible light on why your life is the way it is right now, and what you can do to change it if you desire (and YES, you are fully empowered to change it and live the life you truly want!)

Some common life lessons include: loyalty in family, empowerment in marriage, speaking your truth, developing self-worth, success in your career, perseverance in health, creating balance in your relationships, healing friendships, trust in others, harmony with siblings, and so much more! Your soul may also have wanted to experience health problems or conditions. Since you have free will, you can choose to receive your life lessons from the negative perspective (victimization, lack, disempowerment) or you can choose to receive them in a positive light (empowerment, boldness, self-confidence). The choice is yours - the soul only wants the experience! It's ultimately much more rewarding for you while you are incarnating to choose positive.

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