How to Recognize Karma, The Role it Plays in your Life and How to Resolve It!

It's simple, really. It's the law of attraction at work: whatever vibrations you hold, you will attract into your space. Period. Karma - like everything else - has a vibration; an energetic quality that you hold somewhere in your energy field, usually in one or more of your chakras or auras. It's the energy of a past-life or present-life choice you made that did not serve your higher good, and therefore will persist until balanced out through a better choice that supports your soul growth. Until you do so, the energy of that choice will remain in your subtle body and cause you to attract similar circumstances over and over again, lifetime after lifetime. It's waiting for you to make a different choice! Until then, you're going around in circles with the same problems, frustrating relationships and limiting beliefs.

The point is, you're here to learn. That's why you chose to come to Earth in the first place - for your soul to experience itself and to grow! You chose the perfect family to be born in to, at the perfect time on Earth, with the perfect set of circumstances for you to balance your karma. As soon as you start making choices to please others, and give in to their control, abuse or manipulation, you choose against your own divine nature and create karmic patterns that will persist until you balance them out through a positive choice. So karma comes back around again with similar circumstances, giving you an opportunity to choose differently. You can probably recognize several repeating patterns in your life today, and it's most likely due to karma.

The energy of a karmic choice can also manifest problems at the physical body level:  aches and pains, fibromyalgia, chronic health conditions or disease.  Even negative emotional patterns of self-sabatoge, anxiety and depression can be the result of a negative choice that is not serving you, trying to get your attention so that you can make needed changes in your life to serve your soul growth and evolution.

Choosing for yourself and your happiness can be challenging to do, but you must do so if you want to move on to other lessons, raise your vibration, and exit the karmic wheel of reincarnation. So, be brave, tell yourself you are worthy of more, and choose for you! Say no to family members who belittle you, lovers who abuse you, ditch anyone who doesn't love you unconditionally, save your money and spend wisely and take that dream job that you've always wanted. Be YOU at all times. To empower yourself, you can say these healing mantras every day, and over time they will become part of your energy field and you will draw from their spiritual power the next time you have an opportunity to choose:

- I love myself just as I am.

- I honor and value myself and my body.

- I trust my intuition, as this is my Divine Guidance.

- I speak my truth and live my truth at all times.

- I create healthy boundaries with others.

- I am worthy and deserving of healthy, supportive relationships.

- I am responsible for my choices - and ultimately my happiness - at all times.

- I empower myself to create the life I truly want with joy and abundance!

 If you find that you still have trouble making choices that create happiness and joy for you, then you can have a reading and clearing of your Akashic Record. Every soul has an Akashic Record; it exists at the 5th dimension and holds all of your soul information, including your soul gifts and every choice your soul has made since its moment of origination from Source. A reading of your Record can trace back to the lifetime where a choice was made that started a karmic pattern, and release it from your energy field. Since you will no longer be drawing from that negative energy, it should make it easier for you to make a better choice the next time karma comes knocking on your door, allowing you to ultimately create the life you want with joy and abundance.

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