How to Work With Your Spirit Guides

Be assured, you are far from alone in your physical experience!  It is your Spirit Guide Team that I access and communicate with when working in your Akashic Record, and I can tell you with absolute certainty that they exist, that they love you and only want the highest good for you at all times.  It's what they've signed up to do - to help you stay on the path you chose before birth by gently nudging you in support of making certain choices.

You see, you created all the experiences you wanted to have here in this lifetime before you incarnated.  You met with your Guides, Teachers, Angels and Higher Self to decide the karma you wanted to clear, and chose the family you would be born into to help you do just that.  You decided who you would meet up with at certain times in your life to help you experience the lessons you wanted to learn, and all the possible outcomes were laid out in advance.   That's an awful lot to try to manage on your own!  Which is exactly why you are NOT alone; you have a team of spiritual assistants guiding you at all times in support of the your divine plan.  So, how do you hear and receive their guidance?  

Remember that we have been blessed with free-will on this planet.  That means no one or no thing can enter your space without your permission (which we often give unwittingly, but that is for another blog post).  This includes your Spirit Guides, Angels and other spiritual assistants like Ascended Masters, all three of which I will cover in separate posts.  None of them can enter without your express permission or request for assistance, so this is number one:

1)  Invite your Spirit Guides to connect and communicate with you.  This can be as simple as you stating out loud "hello my spirit guides, please make yourself known to me!"  You can even try to get a little specific. For example, you can ask them to present you with a specific number, word, image or animal.  Then, keep a watchful eye out for what comes your way over the next few hours or days - and it may not be in an obvious way at all.  Your eyes might be drawn to a billboard or someone might say casually say a word you were waiting to hear.  

Now that you've opened the door and made a connection, you can ask for their guidance with an issue you are having or a goal you are trying to reach. But remember, spiritual assistants must honor your free will.  That means that they cannot tell you what to do.  While they know the experiences you chose to have in this lifetime, they will provide gentle nudges toward (or away from) a possible choice you can make.  The final choice will always be up to you, as this is how you create your reality which is always in your hands at all times.  This means you need to get really good at listening, which brings us to number two:

2)  Be open to what flows into your space, regardless of how insignificant you think it might be.  This is where it starts to get fun!  Now you get to see "what shows up."  It could be subtle, like a certain song that comes on the radio, an article that shows up on your email or across your desk, a call from an old friend or an invitation to an event that seems oddly timed.  This is how your Guides start to create what I call a "crumb trail" for you to follow.  You want to pick up on these clues and follow them with an open, curious mind.

Rarely will things seem obvious.  Once in awhile, we have an ah-ha moment, a time where things fall into place so beautifully, well, it had to be divine intervention!  Most of the time, however, your Guides work much more covertly and it may seem like you are being thrown completely in another direction, which leads to number 3:

3)  Jump at those opportunities that seem to be "out of left field."  This is your spirit guides throwing you a curve ball, because they want you to pay attention.  If you suddenly receive an opportunity that seems to be out of the ordinary, this is really when you need to jump into action and take advantage of it.  There is something you need to hear or someone you need to meet.  It may not seem obvious right away, but it will make sense when it's time (divine time, that is!)

Your spirit guides are ready to assist you at all times!  You can maintain an open line of communication and feel supported by creating time and space to connect with them on a regular basis, setting up the 4th way for you to communicate with them:

4)  One of the best ways to receive their guidance is through meditation. Even just short meditations of 10 or 15 minutes here and there.  It will allow you to quiet your mind, breathe deeply and let your anxieties go which is incredibly healthy for you.  There are apps you can use on your phone or youtube videos you can find on Google. Then, as you relax, you can connect with your spirit guides and ask them to show you in your mind's eye what it is you need to know to resolve an issue or to make a decision.  It might be symbolic, so again be open to what you receive and consider how you can take action based on what you receive.

If you're really ready to dive deep, I can access your spirit guides for you during an Akashic Record Reading.  You can meet each guide on your team and learn a little about each one of them. You can also ask questions of them, and I can give you messages from them.  It's truly an amazing experience I'd love to share with you!

Patty Oliver, Akashic Records Master Practitioner, Intuitive Energy Healer  Body-Mind-Spirit Healing Arts


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