How Decluttering Can Raise Your Vibration

So how can the mundane act of decluttering your space help do something as profound as raise your vibration?  Remember that everything is energy, and it begins with your thoughts and emotions.  If you are constantly feeling scattered or under the gun, buried under paperwork, feeling behind on paying bills or anything else that makes you feel out of control, this creates stress. While stress is a natural part of life, if you are in a constant state of stress as your go-to response, this causes you to hold energies of panic, anxiety, limitation, depression or more, which are negative energies that ultimately lower your vibration and inhibit manifesting.

You can take control of your life in many simple ways, giving yourself power over your life instead of feeling like you are constantly in catch-up mode or can never finish what you start.  One very positive way to begin is to declutter your life - getting rid of the excess and focusing on what is really important. This brings a sense of calm and control which equates to empowerment.  Empowerment is a very strong positive vibration to hold in your energy field, which will allow you to start attracting people, situations and circumstances that match it (instead of stress, chaos and negativity!)  Here are several simple ways to start:

Declutter your home:

  • You most likely work from home right now, so start with your desk! Get a filing cabinet to organize and store client communication and files.  Get rid of anything that is not essential on your desktop.  
  • Sort incoming mail and papers daily. Put them in your inbox or file them so they aren’t creating a pile on your desk.
  • When you are done for the day, make a to-do list for the following day, file papers and put them in order to make your morning more productive.
  • Likewise with your other rooms: pick up clothes and anything that doesn’t belong on the floor and put it in a hamper or laundry room.  Toss garbage in the waste basket.
  • Go through your closets and cupboards; donate anything you haven't used or worn in the last few years. 
  • If it feels overwhelming, just do one room at a time.  There's no hurry, but you will see that as you slowly start to clean-up and organize, the room itself will feel lighter and brighter (it's that energy thing again!)

 Declutter Your Life:

  • Review all of your commitments and re-prioritize them.  Writing them all down will give you a visual for just how booked you really are! Say no to those you hate, and yes to the ones that bring you joy.
  • Write down all of your chores and obligations on a weekly basis. such as laundry, grocery shopping, cooking, house cleaning, etc. Structure and organize these tasks to certain days and times of the week.  Delegate where you can.
  • Organize your digital photos and import them to cloud storage – get them off your phone or hard drive.

Declutter Your Finances:

  • Create a monthly budget and stick to it.  Spend less and save more, putting away a set amount each month - no matter how small - toward savings or retirement.  Every little bit counts.
  • Make a plan for paying off existing debt once and for all, and do not take on more debt in the future.
  • Learn to live without credit cards – pay cash for all your expenses and needs. 

 Declutter Your Spirituality:

  • Make yourself a priority - schedule yourself some down time or to do things you love.  Constantly giving to everyone else will drain you of vital energy and leave you depleted.
  • Review your friendships – are they supportive and encouraging? If not, it may be time to say adios! 
  • Cut down on social media – give yourself a daily time limit on how much you engage in mindless scrolling.
  • Create a morning routine for yourself – meditate, or create quiet calm in some way to start your day with a positive attitude.

If you are having trouble knowing where to start, or simply feel like you can't gain the empowerment and control you want in your life, then an Akashic Record Reading can help identify and clear the negative patterns in your life, so you can make new choices.

Patty Oliver, Akashic Records Master Practitioner, Intuitive Energy Healer

Body-Mind-Spirit Healing Arts LLC

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