Find Stability and Grounding Through Your Root Chakra

Residing at the base of your spine, your Root Chakra is the first chakra to develop. Its color is red and it starts to form just before birth while still in the womb. This chakra, called Muladhara - which in Sanskrit means root or base support- is associated with the Earth element, like trees with a deep, healthy root system. This is where all of your basic survival needs reside: feeling healthy, loved, secure, safe and grounded. One could say that the Root Chakra is the most important of all the chakras; for without a strong, healthy Root Chakra to provide that sense of stability and groundedness, it is almost impossible to grow into a confident, successful individual who is comfortable in their body and their environment. It literally provides our roots, keeping us upright in times of trouble or doubt, and creates a firm foundation for building and creating the life you want.

With an Akashic Record Reading, I can delve into a past life where Root Chakra issues first developed, and were carried over lifetime after lifetime because that chakra remained unbalanced and the issues that created the imbalance were never addressed and dealt with, such as abuse, neglect, not having enough to eat or a stable roof over their heads. This can result in feelings of fear, anger, insecurity and poor body image, affect their relationships and their ability to manifest a happy, abundant life. It can also create physical problems from the waist down (feet, legs, knees or hips), eating disorders and sexual dysfunction.

Here are a few ways to help balance your Root Chakra:

  • Eat a healthy diet with lean proteins, fruits & vegetables and lots of water
  • Get enough sleep, but not too much (8-9 hours per night is ideal)
  • Become very aware of your feet, walking barefoot on the earth.
  • Envision roots extending from the bottoms of your feet anchoring you to the earth
  • Exercise that requires your feet on the ground, such as walking, running, dancing and yoga
  • Learn to work through negativity; develop an attitude of flexibility and calm
  • Wear the color red
  • Crystals such as Ruby, Garnet, Shungite and Hematite all serve to balance the Root Chakra
  • Say healing affirmations such as: "I have everything I need", "I love my body and I am connected to it", "I make choices that are healthy and positive for me", "I am grateful for all of my life experiences, for they have made me who I am today", "I am grounded, stable and happy", "I trust, love and honor myself and my body" and "I feel safe, loved and secure in my family and in my surroundings."

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