Ascended Masters and How They Assist Us With Karma and Ascension

If you study spirituality, you may have come across the term "Ascended Masters," who are yet another type of spiritual assistant that you can call upon when looking for guidance in your life.  This is the second in a series I have written regarding the types of spiritual support we have around us at all times, including your Spirit Guides, Ascended Masters and Archangels.

Ascended Masters are just that:  they have lived their human lives and mastered their karma, having ascended to become enlightened beings.  They know very well what it is like to be human, to struggle through karmic experiences and life lessons in order to achieve ascension and rise to higher dimensions, which is the ultimate goal for each of us here on Earth.  Once ascended, they can help each of us with our own ascension process of overcoming our karma through their "area of expertise" they mastered through their own experiences.  There are many Ascended Masters, including Serapis Bey, Paul the Venetian, Melchizedek, Maha Chohan, Kwan Yin, Jesus, Lady Nada, Buddha, Yogananda, Sanat Kumara, El Morya, Lao Tze, Pallas Athena just to name a few. 

When I conduct Akashic Record Readings, I channel your spirit guides who share details of your Akashic Record with me including your karma.  As I clear you of karmic patterns, often times other spiritual beings will come through to assist with the clearing, including Archangels and Ascended Masters.  I decided to focus this blog post on the Ascended Masters who I have had the honor of working with the most during clearing work, and you can call upon them yourself anytime you feel in assistance in the following life areas:

1)  For Confidence, Personal Power and Self-Assurance:  call upon Djwal Khul (pronounced deeWALL cool), who helps make you aware of your own strengths and connects you to the power of your divine nature.  You are not helpless, powerless or at the mercy of others.  If you are feeling like a victim or blaming others for your perceived lack, it is most likely a karmic lesson of personal power that you are struggling with.  Djwal Khul helps you to clearly see your own abilities and to consciously use them to create your abundance.

2)  For Groundedness and Earthly Connection:  call upon Kuthumi, who helps you connect to Earth energy and stimulates the flow of Earth energy within the physical body by strengthening the chakras in the feet.  Sometimes we forget that we came here to have a physical experience.  While it's good to develop our higher faculties, we must remember that we are first connected to the Earth and all living things; what affects one affects all (including you). When the chakras of our feet are open, we can better perceive cosmic energies and our surrounding environment, develop more patience and understanding for nature and those around us, ultimately achieving a stronger connection with our spirituality.

3) For Freedom from Negative Thoughts, Behaviors and Entanglements:  call upon St. Germain, who will help you see your situation from other perspectives, giving you an opportunity to view your life and relationships from a whole new vantage point.  We often imprison ourselves with limiting beliefs and untruths about ourselves or the world, when in reality our potential is limitless!  If you are feeling stuck, conflicted and hopeless, like your world is completely lacking in joy, then ask St. Germain for assistance and you will soon receive clarity on new choices you could make to free yourself from a situation or limiting thought patterns.

4) For Compassion, Tolerance and Understanding of Ourselves and Others:  call upon Kwan Yin who will help open your heart chakra and balance your feminine energies.  Through her, you will be less critical and judgmental of yourself and others, and you will learn to embrace all aspects of you to love yourself more fully.  She understands human suffering, and helps release emotional residue that is holding back your soul growth.  She allows for true dedication to one's own strength and power, and to be in harmony with one's life plan.  Kwan Yin often works together with St. Germain to help release karma that has long since been balanced out by releasing the emotional attachments we find difficult to break.

5)  For Divine Love, Spiritual Connection and Oneness:  call upon Mary.  If you ever feel alone, separate or unloved, Mary will help dissolve the illusion of separation.  She will help you sense divine love of self and others through her nurturing, mother-like energies.  Divine vibration is everywhere and interwoven into everything else - plants, animals, minerals as well as humans.  Our experience of duality and polarity on this Earth can make us feel separate at times.  However, Nothing is separate nor can it ever be; we are all connected and always will be. 

Please remember you are never alone in this life!  You have many types of spiritual assistance all around you, and all you have to do is invite them in and ask for their help.  I can assist you in this process through an Akashic Record Reading and Clearing.

Patty Oliver, Akashic Records Master Practitioner and Intuitive Energy Healer,

Body-Mind-Spirit Healing Arts LC









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