The Akashic Records and How a Reading Changes Your Life

"The Akashic Records is an energetic 'database' that exists ath the 5th-dimension.  It is a record of every choice you have ever made since your soul's moment of origination from Source. You can use your Akashic Record to help you understand your current circumstances, because everything you are experiencing today is based on a choice you made previously, in this life or in a past life." Patty Oliver, Body-Mind-Spirit Healing Arts.

There are several Universal Truths about living life here in the physical 3rd dimension:

  • We are 100% Responsible for our choices at all times. While others may influence us, the final decision is always ours through our free will.
  • We are 100% Responsible for creating our experiences through our free-will choices, whether we are conscious of them or not. ​
  • Choices are either positive (serves our higher good) or negative (does not serve our higher good). Terms like "good" or "bad" are human terms; there is no judgement in the spiritual realm of the Akashic Records. ​
  • Every choice has a consequence.  Our circumstances are always the manifestation of a consequence of a choice we made, positive or negative.
  • If the choice we made was negative (did not serve us and our higher good) it creates karma, which holds the energy of the negative choice.  That energy becomes lodged in one or more of our chakras and our subtle body energy system, causing us to attract similar circumstances.
  • The law of karma says that the energy of a choice will persist until a positive choice is made to balance it out. 
  • Karma is not wiped out by the death process. Therefore, if a negative choice was not balanced out in the lifetime it was created, you will continue to reincarnate with similar circumstances until you make a positive choice.

Now, with an Akashic Record Reading and Clearing, you have a spiritual tool at your fingertips to understand your life in a whole new way and to create powerful change for yourself!  You will learn who you are at soul level:  your gifts and attributes, the strengths you bring into your life so you can use them to create your abundance. 

You will hear about the lessons and experiences your soul chose to have in this lifetime. The two forces of  life lessons and karma are dictating everything that happens in your life.

You will then hear about past lives and choices you made that created karma, which are still playing out today in your life keeping you in states of lack and unhappiness.  It could also be manifesting as relationship issues, money problems, career challenges, family drama, chronic health problems or diseases, or emotional patterns that seem impossible to break.

Karma is then cleared, giving you an opportunity to take your life in an entirely new direction!  You can release relationships that aren't serving you so you can find the perfect love interest, create the career or business of your dreams, manifest good health and abundance however you choose to define it on your own terms!  Click here to be taken to my scheduler  to book your Reading today.

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